Who are you in business with?

CONFIDAM is a realtime 360° search engine to verify people and companies

Explore links between companies

The Tangled Web is a unique tool to uncover the links between UK directors and companies

Realtime verification from your desktop

Fast and efficient verification from your desktop to help make better decisions - and avoid major pitfalls

360° Search Analytics

Proprietary fuzzy logic search tools save time and look beyond the obvious



verification direct to your desktop

Instantly verify people and companies direct from your desktop with realtime results

Explore the Tangled Web

Uncover links between UK Directors and businesses using Confidam's unique Tangled Web

Find Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Search tens of thousands of politicians from over 230 regions

Monitor Global watchlists

Confidam sources and monitors dozens of international watchlists (e.g. Interpol Public Red Notices list) to ensure the latest information

360° Search Analytics

Confidam's proprietary analytics save time and improve results

UK Companies/Directors Search

Includes current firms and a long history of dissolved firms and resigned directors all searchable using our 360° Search Analytics

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