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Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are highlighted by international regulators as 'high-risk' and financial firms are required to be especially careful and do 'enhanced due diligence' when dealing with PEPs. For every business however knowing if your foreign business contacts are local politicians is vital information - is your contact using/abusing their position in your business dealings or if a deal goes wrong where would you stand against an MP in their own country?

In a global market, tracking changing political fortunes in hundreds of countries across the world is challenging. Confidam has details on current and former politicians from over 200 countries and regions including for example CIA World Leaders and MEPs lists allowing you to quickly verify your business contacts.

"Politically exposed persons (PEPs) are individuals whose prominent position in public life may make them vulnerable to corruption."

UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Guide, High Risk Customers

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