Confidam for 360 Search Analytics


In theory, searching for a single name across multiple sanctions/most wanted/watch lists should be straightforward, but this assumes the name searched and the name on the list match exactly. In the real world, it’s important to look beyond the obvious. There may be nicknames, misspellings, missed middle names, and a host of other issues that make searching multiple international lists much more challenging.

Confidam's intelligent search analytics correct for these potential issues though a set of proprietary algorithms. These use state of the art techniques to allow phonetic and fuzzy logic matching over a huge range of name types and lists. Below are some of the ways our search analytics can correct for potential issues to give more accurate searches of both people and companies.

360° Search Analytics take into account:

Phonetic Similarity and Transliteration spelling differences: Muhammad ↔ Mohammad ↔ Muhammed ↔ Mohammed ↔ Mohamed

Nicknames: Abigail ↔ Abby ↔ Abbie ↔  Abi ↔ Gail

Missing spaces or hyphens: JoeBob ↔ Joe Bob ↔ Joe-Bob

Missing name components: Boris Johnson ↔ Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Out-of-order name components: Alexander Boris Johnson ↔ Boris Johnson

Names split inconsistently: Rip. Van Winkle ↔ Rip Van . Winkle

360° Search Analytics are a powerful tool for ensuring maximum flexibility in searching for PEPs, Sanctions targets and Directors. Login to start searching today.

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